Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Play Each Other’s Iconic Characters

Here’s a question. Because there’s been so many films that both of you have done. What is your favorite character that Tom has played, in what movie? Oh, wow. My…

Meryl Streep- Questions

Meryl Streep answering questions!

Meryl Streep Talks About her Africa Safari on Ellen – 2014

January 2014

Meryl Streep Interview & Clips – The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep talks about her portrayal of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in new film The Iron Lady.

Rare Meryl Streep Interview (1998)

Harry Smith talked to Meryl Streep about her career, acting, accents and life.

Meryl Streep Makes Everything Sound More Interesting

Many have said they’d listen to her read the phone book, but Ellen put Meryl to the test with some boring text, and sure enough, she managed to make it…

Meryl Streep Opens Up About Younger Self – The Graham Norton Show

Meryl Streep gets deep… Subscribe for weekly updates:

Meryl Streep I Interview I TimesTalks

For almost 40 years, Meryl Streep has portrayed an astonishing array of characters on stage and screen, garnering three Academy Awards for Best Actress and an unsurpassed record of 19…

Meryl Streep Talks About Her Role in ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’

WQXR host Elliott Forrest sat down with Meryl Streep to talk about her title role in the new film “Florence Foster Jenkins,” based on the true story of a New…

Meryl Streep Reveals Why She Became an Actress

In this rarely seen interview with Meryl Streep she shares her early fear that being an actor was not doing something worthwhile.

[Preview 따끈 예고] 20150331 Iron Lady Cha 불굴의 차여사 – EP.59

Preview 불굴의 차여사 Iron Lady Cha – EP.59 ▷Playlist for MORE episodes → ▷ Like the MBC Fan Page & WATCH…

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